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The non-profit educational projects accelerator by Scholas Occurrentes

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What is Scholas Labs?
Scholas Occurrentes is an educational campaign launched by Pope Francis, that uses technology, arts and sports to encourage a culture of social integration.
With the goal of technology being the medium to bring education to its fullest potential, we have launched Scholas Labs:
A technological projects accelerator based on a test platform model, that works to meet the needs of the educational community.

How might we use the context of sport to improve education and spread out learning opportunities for communities with less resources?
Next Call 2016
How might we improve students recycling habits and the use of natural resources and row materials at school?
How might we combine the best of art and technology to encourage inclusive projects?
How does it work?
Know the open call and upload your idea to respond to the challenge posed. Since the launch of the call, you have a whole month to send it.
Our board of experts will evaluate the proposals received and, if accepted, they will be submitted to the vote of the educational community for a month.
The most voted idea will become a project to be accelerated in 4 months process, during which Scholas Labs will provide the tools to turn the idea into reality.
Once the project is running, it will be incorporated into our Market Place and Scholas Occurrentes Tools Catalog, so that it will be useful to the educational community.
Have an idea for the open call? Submit it here!
If you want to present your entrepreneurial project and help us solve the challenge of this month, fill out the form with all the necessary information so that we can value your idea.
Why share your idea?
Funding: our fundraising staff will work side-by-side with the project’s team to scout for sponsors and investors.
Visibility: due to Scholas sponsors and contacts the projects will gain extra exposition to reach their goals.
Connections: our network of connections will help the project build relationships and partnerships to boost its development.
Mentorship: our team of mentors, experts in different disciplines, will give their support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order to maximise their potential, develop their skills and improve their performance.
Support: our own staff will provide support for common tasks like press, design or communication.
Field study: Scholas school network will profit as a test environment to gather feedback to the improvement of the project.
A weekend for building a better education
What is the Jam?
Scholas Labs Jam is an annual event organized by the Scholas Labs Team. It is a volunteer activity that takes place during a weekend in different countries and where all participants share a passion for education, technology, and innovation.
How does it work?
During 48 hours teachers educators, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and other professionals meet to help design services and school models that solve some of the most pressing problems in education.
Who is it for?
Everyone can partecipate. If you are close to one of the sites, you want to give your contribution to the educational community and want to have fun, learn and meet interesting people, you should definitely register and join us.
Friday 11

16.00h. Scholas Labs Presentation

16.30h. Challenge Introduction

17.00h. Brainstorming

18.00h. Sharing

19.00h. Teams Organization

Saturday 12

09.30h. Breakfast

10.00h. Investigation Design

11.00h. Field Work

14.00h. Lunch Break

16.00h. Ideation

18.30h. Sharing with other groups

Sunday 13

09.30h. Breakfast

10.00h. Prototypes Creation

11.00h. Field Work

14.00h. Projects Upload

15.00h. General Presentation

16.30h. Greetings and Closure

Scholas Labs Jam Buenos Aires
Volunteer Organizer: Diego Servente
Location: Google Argentina,
Alicia Moreau de Justo 388
Buenos Aires


Scholas Labs Jam Madrid
Volunteer Organizer: María José Gonzalez
Location: IBM Client Center Madrid
Corazón de María 44
28002 Madrid


Scholas Labs Jam Mexico DF
Volunteer Organizer: Scholas Labs
Location: IMPACT HUB
Alvaro Obregón 168, Col. Roma Norte
Ciudad de México


Scholas Labs Jam Miami
Volunteer Organizer: Ignacio Doncel
Location: Saint Thomas University
School of Science, Technology, and Engineering Management
16401 NW 37th Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33326


Scholas Labs Jam Rome
Volunteer Organizer: Alessandra Graziosi
Location: BIC LAZIO,
via casilina 3T Roma 00100


Want to share with us that weekend?.
Remember that this 2016 edition will take place in Argentina, Mexico, United States, Spain and Italy during the 11th, 12th and 13th of March. We will wait for you!
If you have questions
Who can submit a project?
No restrictions: you can be a person, a startup or any other organization. We encourage teachers, engineers, students and creative minds to submit their ideas!
What kind of projects can I submit?
A project that responds to the open call and that aims to improve education using technology as a medium. It can be an application, a game, a device, content or even a methodology, just be sure to meet the challenge posed.
How is the information about my project handled?
We have legal advisers within the team to ensure maximum protection for all the submitted ideas. You will be the owner of the project all the time, and your copyright will be respected.
Is there a deadline for submitting ideas?
Yes, each call will be open for a month since the launch of the challenge. Be sure to send all the documents on time.
How many projects are selected?
Can I join the team of mentors?
All the talent is welcome, a an idea, projects or knowledge. If you want to join our team of mentors send an email to:
Upload doc (ppt, word, pdf)